Major Political Developments Unfold in Maharashtra as Ajit Pawar Joins Government

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Yogesh G Kukade

7/2/20232 min read

In a stunning turn of events, Maharashtra's political landscape has been shaken by a series of significant developments. Notably, Ajit Pawar, a prominent leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, has decided to join the state government. Reliable sources have confirmed that Ajit Pawar will be sworn in as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. This move is particularly interesting as Devendra Fadnavis, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), currently holds the position of Deputy Chief Minister. With Ajit Pawar's inclusion, the state will now have two Deputy Chief Ministers.

Furthermore, Chhagan Bhujbal, another influential NCP leader, has made his way to the Raj Bhavan and is expected to take oath as a cabinet minister. A photograph of Chhagan Bhujbal at the Raj Bhavan has surfaced, raising intrigue among political observers. Notably, Praful Patel, a close associate of NCP President Sharad Pawar, has also been spotted at the Raj Bhavan.

Curiously, reports indicate that NCP President Sharad Pawar does not support these recent developments, leading to speculation about a potential division within the NCP party. Alongside Ajit Pawar, several seasoned leaders such as Sunil Tatkare, Dhananjay Munde, Hasan Mushrif, and NCP MLA Amol Mitkari have also arrived at the Raj Bhavan. Amol Mitkari has expressed optimism that Ajit Pawar may eventually become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The unfolding political scenario in Maharashtra has created anticipation for further developments in the near future.

The existence of the Mahavikas Aghadi coalition, formed by the Shiv Sena, NCP, and Congress, appears to be under threat due to these recent developments. It remains to be seen how Sharad Pawar will navigate these turbulent waters and prevent a potential earthquake within the party.

Amit Shah's Instructions: Significant Factor in Political Turmoil Adding to the complexity of the situation, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has reportedly issued instructions suggesting that if Maharashtra desires 145 Legislative Assembly seats, it would require the support of Ajit Pawar. Against the backdrop of today's political events, several notable developments have taken place in Delhi, resulting in a state of chaos. Consequently, the unfolding political earthquake in Maharashtra is indicative of the current climate.

Speculations and Denials Rumours surrounding Ajit Pawar's unexpected shift had been circulating for several days prior to these developments. The news of his potential alliance with the BJP caused extensive discussions for consecutive days. However, Sharad Pawar vehemently denied these speculations, and Ajit Pawar later addressed the media to clarify that the rumours were unfounded.

As the political landscape in Maharashtra continues to evolve rapidly, all eyes are on the unfolding events and how they will shape the future of the state's politics.